Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chocolate Covered Strawberries = High Maintenance

Now that I have eaten about ten chocolate covered strawberries, I am finally ready to blog. I have been putting off posting this whole weekend because I felt like I didn’t really have anything to talk about and also because I felt like I was missing something. At eleven o’clock tonight I figured out what I was missing: chocolate covered strawberries. I know it sounds crazy that I couldn’t write because I didn’t have any chocolate covered strawberries but I’ll briefly explain why this makes perfect sense (at least in my mind). Whenever I write anything school-related I always have some sort of snack, usually its either chocolate or popcorn but sometimes I branch out a little and try something new. I hadn’t had much time to blog during the week so I tried to find an inspiring snack that would help me post something good over the weekend. On Friday I tried Asian-resembling food and fried chicken, but that didn’t really spark anything creative. Saturday morning I decided to fall back on my classic choices of movie theater butter popcorn and dark chocolate, neither worked and I even experimented with covering the popcorn in the dark chocolate but the results of that were surprisingly unfortunate (apparently insane amounts of artificial butter flavor and bitter 80% cocoa melted chocolate just don’t mix). Anyway, Sunday night arrived and I still hadn’t posted anything and I began to freak out a little bit. I knew that I was craving something but the worst part was that I had no idea what I wanted. I took a long bubble bath which is one of the only things that can actually help me de-stress and while I was desperately trying not to let the fact that I hadn’t blogged this week affect me, I realized what I was craving. I was just pouring in loads of hot chocolate bubble bath when I looked up at my strawberry ice-cream shampoo and it hit me. I called Sam and told him that I absolutely had to have strawberries and that “frutti-dolci” stuff from Kroger and asked him to bring it over ASAP. He of course forgot and we had to run out to the store at 12:00 in a freaky part of town while I was wearing pink slippers and threadbare pajamas. Needless to say the few questionable-looking people that were in Kroger at the time were staring at me and I felt incredibly stupid for absolutely having to have chocolate covered strawberries (Sam was wearing normal clothes so no one was staring at him and he claims that he felt completely comfortable buying strawberries and chocolate from a deserted Kroger at midnight). Sam bought the strawberries, we came back to my apartment and I began making them right away. Its amazing how much better I feel after eating chocolate covered strawberries. I feel relaxed and comfortable even though I still have a lot of work to do and I am actually enjoying typing out this blog and working my calculus problems. While I know this post is all over the place and pretty point less writing it has actually made me realize something very startling. The fact that I needed chocolate covered strawberries so much that I couldn’t write my blog and I had to have my boyfriend come with me in my pajamas to a Kroger at midnight to buy them probably means that I am really high maintenance. My mom and dad are always joking around saying that I’m high maintenance and that they feel sorry for Sam and stuff like that, but I never really took them seriously. I mean most normal people don’t crave things so badly that they can’t do school work without whatever it is that they are craving. Maybe I need to work on this. Actually I think Ill just ask Sam if it bothers him, maybe it’s not that big of a deal if I am high maintenance.


SamFlan said...

Aw, you know I love you and all of your high-maintenance self. Fortunately, getting strawberries late at night is not that big of a deal since neither of us were tired at all. And you're cute in your threadbare pajamas! I'm also glad that you have an inspiring food like I do so that I can eat my candy corn and you can eat your chocolate covered strawberries. Man, I can only imagine how profitable our studying will be now.

emilyanne said...

OMG! That is totally normal. I am addicted to strawberries and chocolate-covered sre even better. For a play I was in my grandmother bought me HUGE chocolate-covered strawberries instead of flowers because everyone buys flowers and let me tell you, those were some good strawberries! And I know what you mean about craving something but not knowing what....that happens to me all the time! If you ever need a late night Kroger partner and Sam's not up, just call me!