Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weird sentence story

The sky turned black and a screaming wind began to blow. At this exact instance a shadow flickered over the dense trees in the last rays of the extinguished sun. the shadow materialized as the dark flacon sliding the prestigious kettle to his harsh owner. The contents of the kettle were deadly, no doubt, and, as the falcon flew to his master, drops of liquid and powder within the vessel splashed soundlessly to the nearing ground. Upon reaching his master, the falcon was received with humiliating neglect. His master wrenched the kettle from his talons much like an ostentatious bird runs a repulsive puppy. With the prize in his hand, the master shoved his noble feathered servant aside and prepared for his concoction. After preparing a thick gritty brew, the master set out to test his potion. He dropped a splash of the foul liquid into a small container of sand and dumped in a squirming slimy creature. In less than a second the serene litter box obliterated the bloody frog. The master smiled joylessly to himself. He knew that his scheme would work perfectly and his dreams would finally be realized. With a sharp dry laugh he thought to himself, “Finally, the pretty dog will saunter the pretty mile.”

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