Monday, November 19, 2007

the high price on wings

* I wrote this at 8:00 this morning but didnt have internet access till now so keep in mind that I wrote this blog while i was still somewhat asleep*

So a few minutes ago I realized that I had not even thought about blogging in quite some time. As this thought came into my head I also felt like I was falling and suffocating at the same time. Right now I am sitting on an incredibly comfortable recliner chair and I honestly feel like there are metal bars sticking out of this chair and poking me all over my back. My fingers are shaking as I type and I know that it won’t be long before my arms and eventually my legs begin to shake as well. My stomach is making the strangest noises I think I have ever heard and my head feels like its just floating a couple of inches above my recently numb neck.

There are so many people and circumstances that I would like to thank for this excruciating and strange sensation that I am currently experiencing but I think that I can honestly really only blame myself. It all started when Sam and I told our friend William that we would throw him a retirement party to celebrate the end of his high school football career. About the same time that Sam and I offered to host this party we also received an invitation to a much anticipated dinner with one of Sam’s bestfriends and the guy’s girlfriend. Also, we decided in this same time frame that we would need to drive down to my hometown, Hendersonville, N.C., on Tuesday morning after finding out that grandmother needed to have surgery and would not be able to do all the thanksgiving preparations or even drive by herself. Shortly after this decision was made Sam and I also realized that we would have to go by his parents house at least for lunch so they wouldn’t be too upset about us leaving for Thanksgiving. So after realizing that we had made plans to throw a somewhat complicated party, have dinner with friends, prepare to leave town and go to lunch with Sam’s parents we did the responsible smart thing and planned out our busy weekend. At this time we didn’t know about all the unacceptable language that we could not incorporate into our synthesis essays. Anyway, we planned to spend time on our essays and various other papers that were due around the same time Thursday after class knowing that we would have no time on Friday because we would have to set up and everything for Williams party on Saturday night and go to dinner with our friends that Friday night. Maybe the smart thing to do would have been to cancel our dinner plans but this thought didn’t even occur to me or Sam until later and even though I feel like crap right now we did have an amazing weekend so I guess its worth it. Anyway, we also scheduled time for school work on Saturday morning and decided that we could finish any extra work on the ten hour drive to Hendersonville.

So this was our plan. It wasn’t fabulous or anything, we knew we would be rushing to finish everything in time but we also thought that this plan would give us enough time to sleep and eat so it seemed to be pretty good. This was all Wednesday night and our plans came crumbling down around us on Thursday. On Thursday we realized that this synthesis essay was going to be hard, also on Thursday William’s grandmother died. Sam and I tried to start on our essays but we had tons of other hw due Friday and William needed support so needless to say we just didn’t have a chance. On Friday I rushed around after classes buying party stuff and baking when my brakes on my car failed and I had to get it taken to some car place to get it fixed. It was ready later on that day but unfortunately I had already lost a lot of time and my list of things I was pushing back to Saturday was growing huge. Sam and I were able to have a wonderful and somewhat relaxing dinner with our friends before we resumed our preparations and I ended up baking a cake at 1:00 in the morning. Also, on Friday night we found out that the funeral for Williams grandmother was going to be on Saturday morning during the time that we had planned on writing or Synthesis Essays. Needless to say we went to the funeral and pushed back our essays once again, this time for Sunday afternoon. We rushed around some more and somehow got all the food and stuff together in time for Williams retirement party which he absolutely loved so at least Sam and I accomplished something important this weekend. We once again were up late, around 2:30 am this time, cleaning up Sam’s house and putting stuff away. The next morning we had church and then lunch with Sam’s parents and then we had some last minute errands to run before we leave town. We got back to my parents house on Sunday around 5, got a quick bite to eat, and then started our Synthesis essays. We realized before we even began the essays that this was going to be an all night thing. We knew that we couldn’t count on internet access in Hendersonville and we also knew that we wouldn’t have a lot of time to finish on Monday. We decided to stay up all night Sunday night so that we would at least be able to get some sleep Monday night before we drove for nine hours on Tuesday. Anyway, having realized this we bought some Red Bull and sour skittles and camped out at the kitchen table, barely even able to keep our eyes open after the hectic weekend we had. We read and typed and wrote notes and talked about our notes and ideas until about midnight. We were unable to even form proper sentences anymore so we decided that it was time for our Red Bulls. This helped immensely. Suddenly Sam and I regained brain power and could speak coherently again. We were able to keep this up till about 4:00 in the morning before I finally stumbled into my room and Sam stayed up a couple more hours typing stuff in the guest room. We got the hard part out of the way. Both of us have detailed outlines and examples from the texts and everything ready. All we have to do now is flush out our rough drafts with sentences and the exact quotes and stuff like that. This really isn’t the hard part, I’m guessing that it’ll take us a couple of hours but I know that we will get it done today.

The point of this drawn out story is… Red Bull. I know that the reason I feel so incredibly strange is because of the Red Bull I drank. My body is dead tired, my eyes are closing, and my limbs are now shaking but my brain is surprisingly functional. I am thinking clearly right now but my body feels like I just fell off of a cliff. Maybe that’s kind of what happened in a sense. I guess the Red Bull gave me such a huge burst of energy when I needed it and now my body is just crashing to a completely energyless state. I’m actually not sure if this horrible feeling I have right now was worth the necessary brain power that got me through the night. Never mind, I take that back. Without Red Bull I would probably be at my house sleeping through my alarm and anticipating a long day of packing and essay writing. I’m still anticipating that but at least I know that its going to get done.


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that always happens to me. i wont have anything to do for weeks and then 8 million things pop up on one weekend. but yes, energy drinks are amazing. i personally dont prefer red bull...its gross. but i love sobe...its pretty great.